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Winter Plumbing Tips from Westernish Plumbing

Westernish Plumbing

Winter is almost here.Tempretures are dropping.So preparing your plumbing system for winter should be at the top of your list of “things-to-do in November.

Disconnect your outdoor water hoses

If the water inside the hose freezes, it can cause frigid and severe problems for any connecting pipes underneath your home. A burst pipe will disable your home in a matter of seconds.

Not to mention, a severe drop in temperature is something that can come out of nowhere. The end result can be frozen pipes, as well as a host of additional problems.

Check your outdoor faucets

If you find anything leaking or dripping, have a plumber come by to check it out. It is a good idea to have a forced slow drip when temperatures drop below zero to ensure your water lines have movement.

Inspect your valves

Do you have interior shut off valves that lead to outdoor faucets? Have them closed, and then drain all the water from the pipes. When the weather person cautions you about temperatures dropping below zero, that means all stagnant water will freeze.

Cover outdoor faucets

A faucet insulation kit can take care of this nicely. You can purchase do it yourself kits at your local Home Depot. Or call Westernish Plumbing to winterize all of your outdoor faucets. The options are endless.

Water heater

Make your water heater more efficient during the winter months. This can be done by having sediment drained from the tank on a regular basis. Sediment in your water heater causes corrosion. If left unchecked for an extended amount of time this will ruin your water heater.

BONUS water heater tip: Keeping your water heater at 120 degrees can maintain optimal performance, without the risk of scalding.

Bonus Tip

Safest and easiest way to take care of all this stuff is to call your local full-service plumber " Westernish Plumbing" and let us deal with it all. We know what to look for, We have the parts and supplies needed to get the job done, and we have the experience to do it right* so you can sleep easy (and dry) throughout the winter season.

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