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Premium Boiler Cover

Over 130,000 homes trust us to keep them warm

Gas-fired boiler

What's Covered

  • One full service on your appliance and system.*†

  • Unlimited call outs available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Parts and labour included

  • Energy efficiency advice from fully qualified engineers

  • No excess fee

Benefits of Cover

  • Pay $210 upfront or $17.5 per month by Direct Debit

  • Ensures your boiler operates safely and efficiently

  • Keeps your boiler running smoothly and validates your manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Access to our customer portal to book your boiler repairs and service.

Contract length

12 month

Plan Price



per month

Have a question? Call our sales team
604 340 4423

Men at Work

Trusting us to keep your home warm 24/7 365

If the boiler in your property was installed some time ago, then it may well be a standard efficiency boiler which operates at lower efficiency levels (typically between 55 - 65%) than the more modern High Efficiency equivalents. 

At Westernish Plumbing we can cover a boiler that has been installed by us here at Westernish Plumbing and is still in its warranty period for just $17.5 a month. For this price a standard boiler, radiators & valves, heating controls, hot water cylinder , system pumps & valves and all exposed pipework are all covered. On top of this you also get an annual service from one of our fully qualified engineers, which ensures that the boiler is operating safely and efficiently.

Call us today for a no-obligation quote or to discuss the many options we have available - 604 340 4423

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