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Along with precautionary steps against COVID 19, Westernish Plumbing provides Visual Support; In order to eliminate all unnecessary visits. Meanwhile; price estimations, consultations, also simple diagnosis's, are being provided by video call.  All other services continues as usual, with extra safety measures

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Vancouver Dishwasher Hook up/Installation


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Westernish will help you to hook up a dishwasher you already purchased ! hire one of our Pros to get your new dishwasher up & running in no time!

Our priority is your SATISFACTION.


100% Satisfaction Quarrantee

Over 1000 satisfied customers

Dishwasher Installation Information

What is included :

* Labor to replace your existing dishwasher with a new customer supplied dishwasher 

What is excluded :

* Necessary electrical service ,Plumbing & dishwasher connections must already be in place

* moving dishwasher location or retrofitting existing dishwasher lcoation.

Warranty & Guarantees:

*100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

 If you are not satisfied with our 

workmanship , we will re do the 

work for free, or if we cannot fix

the problem, we will refund

your money.

* Merchandise & Materials provided by Westernish will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty or a period of  90 days from the date of service, which ever is longer.

Are you reconsidering the location of your current dishwasher? Are you hoping to put in a new washing machine? These machines need special plumbing hookups to function properly.

We can help. WETERNISH’s staff are trained and experienced in installing dishwasher and washing machine plumbing, including dishwasher drain hose.


Dishwasher Installation

Dishwashers are usually installed next or near to a sink. This is because the dishwasher drain hose needs to be hooked up to the sink drain line. Usually, this requires the replacing of the sink drain tailpiece.

Most dishwashers only take cool water in. The water is heated by the dishwasher itself during the cycle.

WESTERNISH can install the piping and the dishwasher drain hose necessary for your new dishwasher to function perfectly, with optimal drainage.

Washing Machine Installation

A washing machine plumbing hookup is very similar to a dishwasher’s. One big difference is that it takes both hot and cold water.

If necessary, WESTERNISH can run new piping through floors and walls in order to give your new washer the water it needs. WESTERNISH will also check your hot water pressure, to ensure that hot water will reach your new washer. This is especially important if the washer is being installed on the upper floors.

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