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Save Time & Money with Instant hot/cold Water Dispenser

Installing a water dispenser will save you time in the kitchen. You will no longer need to use a microwave or stove to heat water from the tap. Hot water is available immediately when you want to make a cup of instant coffee or prepare hot chocolate. The hot water from the dispenser can also be used to thaw frozen vegetables or prepare hot cereal in the morning. If you have a separate bar sink or a dual kitchen sink, installing an instant hot/cold water dispenser next to the existing faucet on your sink will allow you to produce up to 60 cups of steaming water per hour. The water is heated inside of a separate heating tank that is installed under the sink. There is a thermostat on the tank that you can set the temperature in a range from 140 -190 degrees. There are many styles of hot/cold water dispensers that can be installed in your kitchen. You can select the design to match the existing look of your kitchen or modernize your fixtures and select a style to match. Call us for more Info and set up an appointment to install your Instant hot/Cold water dispenser 604-340-4423 

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