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Garburator Repair DIY

Garburator repair

A garbage disposal is a really nice kitchen appliance to have. It saves you from having to choose between scraps stinking up your trash can or clogging up your pipes.

How do you fix a jammed garbage disposal? 

  1. If the unit does NOT hum when you turn it on, reset it by pushing the little button under the cylinder for the garbage disposal under your sink. Don't forget about this -- during the process of fixing the unit you might accidentally trip this switch and need to press the button to reset it.

  2. If the unit DOES hum, it may be jammed.

  3. Before you begin to clear the jam, disconnect the unit from its power source, either by unplugging it or by turning off its circuit breaker. You will be working inside the unit and do not want to hurt yourself or any of your tools.

  4. Pour boiling water down the drain to try to clear up other obstructions that you can't see. Common offenders are rice, pasta, grease, and stringy vegetables.

  5. Take a 1/4" Allen wrench and insert it into the underside of the disposal cylinder from under the counter - many disposals have a socket here that lets you turn it by hand. Turn it. You are now the unit's motor, but unlike the unit's motor, you have the flexibility to choose to wiggle back and forth to get junk moving. 

If the unit is still jammed, Call our Professional,Well-trained Staff to schedule an appointment.


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