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Toilet, plumbing service, westernish




24 hour support  604 285 4400

looking for plumber to fix your toilet ?

call us at                  604 340 4423



the prices are flat all over great vancouver

Tank / Flush repair                  

Leakage repair                         

Unclog Drain                             $ 275

Installation                               $ 200


Get the best deal ever on our full service packs, all warrantied for 2 years

up to $25 discount for online bookings


lets fully experienced plumbers to take care of your toilet issue

Call us at   604 340 4423

up to $50 discount for online booked services

toilet, plumbing service, Westernish plumbing
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Product details: 
Brand : WR 
Double Flush ( 6 L & 4L) 
Soft close seat 
Elongated Bowl 
16” height
Water Sense certified 


with our special offers, replacing your old toilet is not an expensive project anymore.

call us at 604 340 4423 and start using your brand new, fully efficient toilet in one day


also get up to $100 refound, in rebate programs

toilet, services, fixed price

    Supply + Shipping + Dispos the old one + install plus two years warranty

                                                              = $500

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Learn about Toilet Rebate Program

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Save your money and save precious drinking water at the same time! 

Install a low-flush toilet and receive a $100 utility tax rebate!

Toilets can account for up to 30% of your indoor water use. Replace your 13L (or greater) toilet with a 4.8L (or less) toilet and qualify for a $50 rebate. 

The City is offering $50 rebates when you purchase and install a low-flow toilet model.  *Some conditions apply 

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Toilet Installation

We are able to install toilets in any bathroom in your house. Basement toilets, upstairs toilets – wherever they need to go, we can install them.

We can also run pipe to new toilet locations, if you desire.

If something goes wrong with the install of your new equipment in the first year of use, you can expect us to return to make sure it’s set right. It’s something that rarely happens, however, because our installs are always very well done.

Contact us to arrange for an estimate today!

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